Tuesday, August 30, 2016

3 Tahun. Terima kasih Tuhan

                     Been living here 3 years,  joy and tears become witness that life is not as easy as Mario Teguh's words. but im blessed enough, God presence is always with me
my adik working here as well! Hello world! This is Seruyung site. PT. Sago Prima Pratama  one of Jresources company. By working here we have better life, especially from economy side. Long lasting life Seruyung, God bless us abundantly. 
 Photo not belong to me, i just found it on my computer,  imageimage

Shalom image
Anneong haseyo!  August is one of my special month in my life.

First, on 24 August 2013, im officially become a part Of PT. S*go Prima Pratama, Gold Mine Industry, wohoooo, don’t u think it just too cool? Hee... 

Ladies and gentleman, i’m proudly introduce to you, My little sissy, Helsi Malino, but you can call her with this name , Kontok kontok, LOL. She used to call like that by her coworkers, Kontok-kontok tu kue yang dibuat dari tepung terigu dan gula, u only need 2 ingredients to make it hahahaaaaa

Helsi Malino groufie with her team work. Department Fix Plant. PT. S*go Prima Pratama.White helmet is her Boss, Pak Hendri,

Sunday, August 21, 2016

17 Agustus 2016

   When the ceremony was over, i see a small group taking photo, im not hesitate to join    them, Hee..ehhh... but see how this small group become the biggest group wefie.... (second photo bellow)

Here i am again. Kerja shift malam. i should take rest but im choice to reading and blogging. (00:26 A.M / 22 August 2016)
So, 17 Agustus just past, uyeee!! Jayalah Indonesiaku, semalam saya baca artikel tentang Bapak Presiden Soekarna, ohh myy!! Im shock cuz i just found out that he has much wifies. Hahahaa 

And one more thing  that i can believe is, my partner in crime i mean my partner working in shift night, Sihombing know the story, he even tell me. Auuu!!! Oia he love to reading politic news.. if i look at his monitor if the news he reading not Ahok it would be Jokowi.. hahaha. 

    Pak Tahan is the Big Boss here, so before the photo taking, he told us  said  Yessss but see, his hand said yess but he look at another direction, haha..
Me, the man on yellow helmet, and two men in right are not from Dept.Mining, we just join the operator  and standing with them, take wefie..  i can't imagine how embarrassing it when they said selain Mining keluar LOL :D  this it he biggest group wefie.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Aloha! Glad to be back.

             My beautiful Mak, with Bayu Toraja. Merah? Warna kesukaan dikeluarga kami, thats why... merahhhh is everywhere, heheee

Anenong  haseyo!! Glad to be work again. After having holiday, heheee
First day working,  my boss give us free baju bola. First time in my life own baju bola.. yeayyy! It actually for all Dept. Engxxx but the jersey not yet come to site, the team was lost in any game that they joining, hahaa
So, my project during my leave is DIY (Do it yourself) and now i really want to own mesin jahit. I will save money for that. Harap harappp next leave bonus S*go cair.. so i didnt bother my hard earn cash...