Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ough.. When Im texting with Mr. C.

          Posing with my mata besar.... muka ber oil... tanpa setetes kosmetik, this is real of me!*im not white as on picture, this is effect from PC or camera!
2011 is gone but our  memory still stay with me! :P *galau
do you ever got text from someone you miss, and you seriously want to make conversation with your friend, but his / her text is annoyed you? like, he said that you are fat, thin, or he try to bringing up your past *that you hate the most , yaa he talk like he know you well and know everything about your past!

example, *Hii buddy.. you are look more prettier but fat, do you eat meat everyday? or.. hii buddy, I meet your ex today, and he is walking with someone else, his girlfriend, I guess.. or hii buddy,  im support you if you back to your ex!! I know you still love him/ her!
what the hell!! just go to hell and let the fire burn your skin and your bone!
someone has sent me message like that , and its really make me angry, just like I want to telan this person im texting with. every I got text like that, im just say hahaa..hehe.. I don’t care, do I care?? its because im texting with crazy person *angap aja orang gila.  what would you do if this happened to you? maki maki, marah marah! I tell you ya,, if you do that, you rugi man! for what you angry angry to crazy people, just let him betingkah and don’t take heart with his  words.. say to him to show some respect,! tell to him I don’t want you bringing my past and I don’t want talk about this! if he truly human being he will stop talking about that! so easy, right?
naa, what the point of my story today?
here is the meaning of my story :
  1. 1.        There is friend that you consider truly friend but will always make you down!
  1. 2.       Be wise every time, don’t  be angry easily and don’t entertain something that can make you sad, angry…
ok… this is my entry for today!
thakn for reading.
God bless!


  1. mantap! tulisannya cute as the way the writer wrote ir ^^ ohya salam kenal, aku juga baru bikin posting. ‎2012, Kiamat Atau Peluang? Mari Baca & Mohon Komentarnya, saudariku : Terimakasih ^^

  2. Kalau aku sih pasti sakit hati digituin hehe :D

    Btw, aku suka kata-kata header kamu, "You know my name, doesn't mean you know everything about my life" :))

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