Saturday, January 7, 2012

hhaa... that awkward!! malu2in dah!

Shalom. Morning! happy Sunday!
everyone have weakness, and I can’t deny that I have too.. example, when im see someone is more prettier than me, I will say like this *oh my gad, she is so beautiful, why God created her so, im not! :p but its doesn’t mean im not bersyukur with what God done to me, just a ngomong2 in my heart :) 
the awkward moment, awkward story
ok.. and the  another one is… im hard in mix with people.. just like there is gun on my mouth when I’m going to start make a conversation… so, im just become the listener..
its hard to being listener, you know! you just say ohh yaa, iya, uh’uhh.. and give smile on your face, angguk nagguk your head and in your heart say *how long this person talking to me, someone help me out from here, please! tapi malang   , no one come and save your to being listener..hahaa its really awkward!! sitting like a statue and tatap muka with the speaker who have no limit to talking!
than ada lagi.. im afraid talking with my boss! not talking, but asking.. example He asked me to do something, make a report laa.. he come and said to me
Boss *Susan ini yaa, do this and antar ke meja saya
im answered him
Susan *yes sir! I will make it and sent to your desk soon *soon tu paling cepat sehari :)
but sometime don’t catch his point, and im not brave to asking him, what actually his mean.. huh! saya takut bertanya because im takut kena marah :P itu intinya.. jadi saya kadang malah nanya ke officemate who sitting beside me…!  and and of my 2012 resolution is jangan takut bertanya :) they are human not eat human, they eat nasi, right?
so, pray for me, peeps… let i am being brave worker and being good worker for my job!
and sampai disini lahh entry hari ini. thank for reading..


  1. agree with u, it is hard being listener...
    btw, hope u will be a brave n good worker, ok :)

  2. wkwkwkwkw :D
    oya mbak ini ada award buat mbak susan :)

  3. Blogwalking..
    Saling folow yuuk sista..
    ntar pasti aku folbek.
    salam kenal.

  4. hey kawan, kamu dapet award dari aku :)
    tolong check yaaa :)

  5. malu bertanya sesat dijalan, keseringan bertanya malu-maluin...hehhee

    gud lak sis....

    Stylish Generation