Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good bye.... See You soon

Shalom. Morning !
good bye”…   “take care on your journey” “im gonna miss you”  “when us  panjang umur kita ketemu lagi” after that wave at the person who you leave… do you like that? and don’t you think perpisahan is the worst t thing happened to us?? but some people said  “im not regret about our perpisahan but im regret about our pertemuan”..!
nothing ever lasting in this life, manusia akan slalu kehilangan, baik dari family, friend, kekasih, bahkan pekerjaan!
last night, my cousin called me, and im asking him.. *hii why do you broken with she?he  answered me with sadly, *ohh we are broken for long, she back to her old love! #disaster
oyeea man! back to your old love, just same you read over again a book and you know how is end! but depends on la kan, mau CLBK ok,, gk juga ok :)
and im kidding him, * naa, maybe you careless with her, that’s why she leave you! hohooo..poor you!!
he said, I love her so much, but see, dia lepas juga!
naa, ini yang slalu terjadikan, *kehilangan! tapi kalo lagi kehilangan jangan sampe akal sehat kamu juga hilang! stay strong jangan lemah! fisik bisa lemah tapi semangat jangan! Don’t!!
and yesterday, we all Pt.Misaja Mitra *now become Pt.Mustika we say good bye to our boss, he is Japanese, he return to his own country. we called him Tuan, he is nice.
may God cover him in all his journey, and arrive at his destination well!
ok… so, kehilangan gk berarti hilang untuk slamanya, yaa hidup! yang patah tumbuh yang hilang berganti!! ok.. da..daaa..
Thank for reading!  
God bless!