Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spontaneous # Whatever

i love this quote... but nothing to do with my entry :)

now, when I want update my blog I had to curi curi tulang *hahaii….

see la now, my blog, alexa getting fat day after day, and entry  pun lama baru update.. huu,.. just like im live in jungle yang no electric, no computer and no network *internet!! argg!!

but its doesn’t mean that im now check up my blog everyday, for me, lebih baik  not  login on my account facebook than not check my blog :)
even no new entry on my blog, but im still see  cool blogger *yai cool, cuz they dropping on my blog  :) and leave foot print! thank yaa… even you give me comment on my entry yang have nothing to do with it, im still thank full, cuz its mean  you give me some support to be blogging :)
my blog is gado gado, cuz its  hard for me  to decide which genre should I take as my blog  theme, so just typing down what on my mind, gk ada hukumnya kan harus tetapkan tema untuk blog, so when people ask me, what your blog about?? im answer proudly ;p personal blog..!!!
im not proud being blogger * ehh tipu laa… ya im proud si, but not  show on my face :)  hehee..

so, this is my entry for today, this is spontaneous entry!!
ok… im will continue do my work and bye.. byeee!!
thank for reading!! God bless


  1. Halo susan :D salam kenal, hhihihi...

    Wow kate :D

  2. wahh,ada gambarnya kate middleton juga nih...

  3. ngikuuuuttttt ... hehe

  4. owh. thats ok. try to stay update.

  5. halo salam kenal juga :)
    makasi udah mampir..
    visit you shortly