Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Countdown

             Merry Christmas hoho
heii.. how is Christmas preparation? are you done your Christmas shopping? are you finish clean up your home and decorating? me not yet :(
ahhh…. I’m super excited to celebrate Christmas day! just still many thing belum beli, dress and shoes. for Christmas day and for working, why working dress buy on Christmas season, eh I want to buy cuz many  shop give discount :) so bisa la berhemat.
I haven’t blogging for 3 weeks since the internet at office *sick* need 3 weeks to heal them, and today internet udah sehat, jadi bisa berinternet ria.
I miss lot gossip and news, I even don’t know if Kate pregnant, I get the news from my young sister, dia tolong liatkan di tipi :) and when I return from working she told me, waa..  terharu aku.
and today I don’t want talk to much, cus I had to kejar berita yang ketinggalan and reading my inspiration blog, this entry just want to tell you Susan still hidup and want share my photo yang tema Natal.
the quality of photo very low, cus i using my phone yang 2 MP. 
my young sister, we putting up Christmas tree on 23 November :) too early i guess..
my young sister dressing our Christmas tree, cus she said she is the most creative person in our home. ok la..
 how is my job??  she asking me *kayaknya ada yang kurang apa ya? me : bola bola yang kek tomat :D
kurang pernak pernik... :(
Muka kecapean & kepanasan..@_@

We bought out Xmas Tree @Tawau, cuz the price is super cheapos, kalo di Tarakan mahal buu.. Pohon Natal yang ukuran setinggi kaki aku aja Rp.299.000 PINGSANNNNN!!!
but for  rich people no problem kan :)
******* December ***********
and now is December!!
my mommy posing with Xmas Tree. 
i had upload this photo on facebook, and get may comment from our relative yang dah berpuluh taun gk ketemu. ini komentar mereka.

can read them? they said my mommy ageless la. i told my mommy about this and she smile to ears :)
this my mommy's picture 0n Christmas 1996.
old picture, this taken at Gereja kebangunan Rohani @ Patikang, Keningau Sabah. 
the last is my photo. i upload this on facebook,  i get many likes and comment, aku memang cantik la.. hee
efek kamera sayang and make up. this photo taken when i headed to GPSI EL_Shaddai III @Intraca.

Thank you for reading. 
besok update lagi, so datang lagi yaa.
God bless.