Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Raining.. # U should know when...

Raining you should know what the right time to falling ;p!!
its raining, and make me sleepy make me miss my bedroom! imagine, I at home, lying on my bedroom, cover with blanket and listening music.. hahaaa. serasa yaa !
ini hujan is too much, it don’t know when time it should fall in this world, yak an? I wish there is someone can talk with rain, and asked them to only fall on the night, when all people sleep.. so, people don’t need to use Air Condition or Fan to make them cold ;p 

today just same like yesterday, raining all the day! when raining coming, this is happened to me :
I’m late wake up :p, padahal before im slept I was set my alarm, when it ringing and wake up me, I turn off my phone! and say *it too early for me to wake up, im go to work on 08 : 00 AM.

Spontaneous # Whatever

i love this quote... but nothing to do with my entry :)

now, when I want update my blog I had to curi curi tulang *hahaii….

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Work For Fun?? ayoyoyoo

What is your point to go work? to be rich or just for fun?....
this is my dream yaa!!

like usually, when im work and I have nothing to do, I will browsing using office computer, hehee..saya mana ada lappy *sian kan??  I had found something that talk about work and rich! waouu… work and become rich, but not all worker is rich, ada juga yang pas pas*an..  kerja bepuluh puluh taun tapi hidup sederhana! itu baik dari kerja setaun udah kaya melimpah2, usut punya usut ehh tersangka Corruptor  uh.. what a shame!

im personally have my own answer about this question..

Saturday, January 7, 2012

hhaa... that awkward!! malu2in dah!

Shalom. Morning! happy Sunday!
everyone have weakness, and I can’t deny that I have too.. example, when im see someone is more prettier than me, I will say like this *oh my gad, she is so beautiful, why God created her so, im not! :p but its doesn’t mean im not bersyukur with what God done to me, just a ngomong2 in my heart :) 
the awkward moment, awkward story

Friday, January 6, 2012

Orang belajar bukan Mintak Puji!

how to speak English, speak English fluently, cara cepat belajar bahasa inggris,cara mudah belajar bahasa inggris

Shalom….. Morning!
I falling in love with you! yaa you! you.. English!! hahaa.. don’t salah faham ya, im not falling in love with someone, just now, I’m really love learning English language..
now, I’m can speak English, but honestly.. my English still jelek and need improvement.. im never take any course, I’ just learning English from school.. from TV *I love Western Movie! and the most I love is read article on online magazine.. *now mana ada mau beli majalah di took.. waste moneya aja..kan!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good bye.... See You soon

Shalom. Morning !
good bye”…   “take care on your journey” “im gonna miss you”  “when us  panjang umur kita ketemu lagi” after that wave at the person who you leave… do you like that? and don’t you think perpisahan is the worst t thing happened to us?? but some people said  “im not regret about our perpisahan but im regret about our pertemuan”..!
nothing ever lasting in this life, manusia akan slalu kehilangan, baik dari family, friend, kekasih, bahkan pekerjaan!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thank For Your Prayer

naa, this is the boy who text me, he is cute :)

Shalom. slamat sore!

……………. Doa ku menyertai mu! *what do you think about these words? impress ya, and touching.. gimana gk, before you go bed, someone *a boy texting you, and the end of his text is My praying go out with you!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ough.. When Im texting with Mr. C.

          Posing with my mata besar.... muka ber oil... tanpa setetes kosmetik, this is real of me!*im not white as on picture, this is effect from PC or camera!
2011 is gone but our  memory still stay with me! :P *galau
do you ever got text from someone you miss, and you seriously want to make conversation with your friend, but his / her text is annoyed you? like, he said that you are fat, thin, or he try to bringing up your past *that you hate the most , yaa he talk like he know you well and know everything about your past!