Wednesday, June 4, 2014

sometime i'm forget...

Alohaaa!! say hi to my chubby cheeks. ()_()
since i'm living far from my family, much thing that i had to handle by my own self, be thank am not the girl spoil who life depends other hand. one thing that i put in my mind, i will never make my mommy and daddy sad cuz me, what i want to do is only make them smile and proud la.. 
i'm still remember what my previous superintendent, Mr . P, told me, he said as we grow up, we have to know, which thing that we can tell our parent and which not. if you're on trouble and u still can handle it, handle it with ur own, dont tell you parent, our parents at home have much more thing to taking care, dont adding their burden.
and am agree with him.. 
since i'm kid, i;m rare share my problem with my mommy.. i'm different. sometime when i'm talking with my friend, they are talking about how they share their problem with their mommy, but me never.. adalah sikit sikit,. hee

now, i'm a big girl.. ok i already said this for thousand time. really proud cuz am on 23 years old, and already life independent. i could feed my self, i could full my needed with my own hard earn money.. and help my family.  Thank your vey much Jesus. Blessed me more..  i couldn't be blessing to other if i'm not blessed.
for me, life its not only about how you survive, how do you spend your life, but its also about sharing. Remember, just share the good one. tha bad is kept it alone, and handle it wisely.

God blessed me more than i deserved, he putting the good people around me, who care with me. but sometime tu adalah few yang annoyed but thats life kan. dont complain too much. :)

My boss also has told me, he remind me. cuz sometime when i'm working i'm have complain too much, i said .. blaa.. blaa..and blaa.. and my boss told me, you must be thank, many people care with you here, they treat treat you nicely,.
and yes i realise that.
i'm so be thank u for God, for give me beauty life but not easy. 

Dear Heavenly,
sometime i'm forget to saying thank you to You and to those who help  me in my life, 
sometime i'm complain too much, i asked too much, i want this, i plan too much, and when the thing doesnt going as my wish, it end up dissapointed me. and i'm start blaming other.
sometime i hurt people inadvertent, but sometime i'm doing it purposely just want to make them feel how they make me.
im sorry God.
teach me to be better person, and show me how to love like You loved me.
Thank You for everything You done in my life.

Thank you for reading.
God bless us..

Much Love..