Monday, August 17, 2015

God bless Indonesia


Thanks God,  Indonesia sudah merdeka. But Sihombing and Prima said Seruyung not yet merdeka :D Pengaruh gk ikut upacara hari kemerdekaan. Hahaa…

not all the employer join with us playing game and joining the ceremony, cuz they cant leave their job, proud of them, hard working.

Today just special. we got so much happiness and joy.
we laughter big, playing game, and berpanas panasan bak bule, ki..kikkk... 

My photo above telling the same story, booth taken on Independence day Of Indonesia, just it taken on different year, on right side on 2015, and on the left is 2014. how time flies! almost cant believe between that photo have 365 days! woooo...

Nahh, finally Dept. Engineering join playing the game.. hihiii

  Rini... Ambe Nober and Me..
Ambe' Nober ba, gifo :D, Eonni Vivi and me.. gigi saya lah paling silauu :D

Abdi just so nice, every time we asked to snap our photo, he never refuse.. so nice leh Emberrrr :D

Pak Bambang Utoyo on red shirt, Mas Ajie, And Pak Budi, they are working very hard on this project, and what they done are absolutely amazing!
this year we celebrating Hari Kemerdekaan full of happiness... 
Nampak ni, big boss Engineering giving some tips and trick for Yohan how to cover the egg well, biar gk pecah, and yes they won this game!
Mbak Lia, as ketua panitia, well done Mbak... Salute!

 Eko, Nelfa, Kak San, And Vincent. First they called me Kak Sus, but i dont like it. than they change it to Kak Sa, thats good, hehe
 inilah pemborong game.. operator! semua game they join, and the good one is they won that game!! so lucky leh..

this is the person behind all the photo. thank you Emberrrrrrrrr :D ngana so baik.

Indonesia diberkati Tuhan, Jayalah selalu.

<3 one day i will miss this moment, and maybe i wish it could be repeated  -___-

Thanks you for reading.
God bless..