Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thank For Your Prayer

naa, this is the boy who text me, he is cute :)

Shalom. slamat sore!

……………. Doa ku menyertai mu! *what do you think about these words? impress ya, and touching.. gimana gk, before you go bed, someone *a boy texting you, and the end of his text is My praying go out with you!

you know, when im read his text my heart   is smileeee!! yihaaii.. ternyata orang diluar sana ada yang masih mention my name on his prayer, thank you so much! but, the question is, is it true he pray for me or just sekadar sms?? *big question

but not penting lah kan, yang penting he was said to me, and for me it was a prayer!

doa orang benar bila didoakan besar kuasanya.. if he pray for my success, happiness, and for my life agar slalu di lindungi dan bless by God, im sure, pasti jadi…

at least my life always have protection from God.. :)
so, how about you? did anyone text you before you go bed   

ok, enough for today,  thank for reading !
God bless!


  1. i am a photographer, but i do it for fun. i'm not professional :)

    thank you for visiting my blog...