Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Get lose from My life!!

upset? annoy?? angry?? do u ever felt them? if you are really human being, I’m pretty sure u ever,.. just the way to get into is different….! maybe this is gonna be mu entry today,
did people around you keep annoying or make you upset? I can say Yes!! everyday!! yaa.. everyday!! but im try to understand all the situation that it a normal life, in our life,  people will make you down, hurt you, insult you,  just how to make your life keep strong and never influent by them..its not easy, but its more harder when you let them ruining your life!! be strong!

 but, sometime I don’t get, why people annoy me? as I know I never bother them…im never go to their world, I see on their face, just like they are not done wrong thing for me, but for me its annoy and can make me angry, just I don’t show on my face.. hehee.. not brave enough to do that,  if im show to them,.. heii.. u! im smile doesn’t mean I like what you done, im say yes, doesn’t mean im agree, ok!!
i wish I could have power to make bitch people stop annoy me, or asked them to stay away from my life!!...  but it impossible to get the power, so im just let it on God’s hand, let Him set my life and everything happened with His permission, honestly im life not my own, it belong to God!


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  3. @Always Unlucky hi.. thank tou for supporting me, its mean so much for me :)

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