Sunday, December 11, 2011

Natal GSPSI EL_Shaddai Tarakan

Shalom. Morning
hiiii… happy Monday!  we should be thank  this morning, because we still can breath well and still alive :)  even everyday we got new obstacle,! *never fear to face the obstacle,  we have power to beat them!

yesterday my entry about LUVIEW giveaway, its open international,  rugi if you all not join it! *promosi

last saturday night i went attended Youth Christmas worship at GPSI El_Shaddai VI Tarakan,..  wou… its really amazing! I see all the pelayan Tuhan on altar, they are very talented youth, the most interests is the girl who playing piano * keyboard!
 she is cool, I love her way to playing her finger on keyboard! yaa cool  man girl!!
talk about Talent? im say this sadly, im such a girl who have no talent about music!
I have ugly voice, I can play guitar, I cant play piano,  pokoknya semua nya la about music, I just know listening music! poor me! sometime I think its not fair, the other people have talent but me, NOTHING!!

but God good enough for me, He give me talent about cooking! yeaii..ini pun ok la kan!
yes, im good at kitchen J but still learning yak an, how to cook well…
yaa.. just hope so!

and here I would like share some picture, mine and my sisters…

from left, Me… Ela * My young sister, and  Rosa * my oldest  sister  
Ela with our Couzin… Monika Markus  
me and my young sister… its nice, isn’t it? *banyak cantek <="" font="" src="">  

you know who are they! 
 no comment!
and it over! thank for reading…..
Da..da… & God bless!

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