Friday, December 2, 2011

Kate & William

Shalom. morning!
aww..sweet… sweet!!  im said these words when im open Royal Wedding Dress on facebook.
admin upload some picture of  Kate & William.. oh myy!! they are so in lovely and their love is shining!
lets see their picture!! sebelumnya juga aku ada posting tentang Kate & William.. if you wan to see kiss here!
and here we gooo!!!

Waa.. Kate put her hand on William..!
I have no word  to describe how amazing their love! oea, in lately I heard *actually reading si.. that The Duchess Kate is pregnant  and, but I asked some fans of Kate who live in United Kingdom, she said that it has not  been confirm yet, so it true or not just wait until the bump appear! ;) ;)
im heart them so much! you know, everyday ebefor im start my job the first thing i done is open The Royal Fans Page!! :P
Picture Credit To : The Royal Wedding Dress!


  1. I was honestly amazed with how well this blog was done, beautiful layout, professional writing, great job! very beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing

    From Creativity Has no Limit

  2. omg, they are so sweet and humble..;)

  3. @Always Unlucky aww.. slowly praise me, please!! :) anyway thank for drop your comment, really appreciated!

    @Teenager Housemaid : yess..couldn't agree anymore with you :)

  4. wah, keren...
    tapi ane gak ngerti bahasa inggris sist... haha :D