Monday, December 5, 2011

Buat Undangan Natal Gereja

Shalom. Good Day!!
how is your day so far? *good yaa!
 i have design Christmas Worship Invitation card.. my priest ask me to do that,, actually i wont accept his offer, but i had to, because i wont to be Daughter of God yang pemalas, so i try create it today.. i use photoscape *i love photoscape it easy use!
this is the second im create invitation card for my church *GPSI EL_Shaddai V Tarakan..
and here is my hand make :
Buat Undangan Natal Gereja  
what do u think? telalu rame yaa? heheheee... header ma undangannya sama yaa?? *inspired by me :) :)
hope my priest can accept these!
ok.. da..daaa..
God bless

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