Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm Bored And Need......

Shalom. aloha!
maybe its time for me to move on, go to other *world*, seriously, sometime im feel bored with this life, or maybe my life is boring, everyday I did same activity, nothing different, wake up, go work, be home, watch, and sleep,..

deeply in my heart I want going to other city, find the job..  but what I can do? I have no idea about that, even I have friend who promised me will inform me when there is a job, I can’t only wait for that, I had to make some effort to find by my self, but how?? once again, im asking my self how? you know why its hard for me to find something, cuz im such a home girl, I don’t have many friends, and most of my friend now still study, yaa… im rare go mix with people, so no wonder if I have only 7-17 friends.
on facebokk I have many friend its about 1320, tapi the question how many yang bisa di pake , palingan teman yang yaa,, just for increase hitungan teman,kan??
pals, I don’t say that my current work now is bad, I just say want find the other *better job! ;)
i'm here ask with humble if you pray, please bring my name, so my life, let God mind my business  and make my life more precious...

 Yes!! I can make it true!
ok.. please pray for me!
Thank for reading, God bless!!


  1. of course you can
    apa yang Tuhan udah buka takkan ada yang bisa tutup..
    just lakukan bagian kita dan Tuhan akan kerjakan bagiannya Dia ..
    smangat mbak ...
    I am going to pray for you ..

  2. inspirasi bgt quote nya....

    *menunggu pacar nih ngajak nikah...hahhahhaaa

  3. 1000+ temen? Wow...gua aja kurang dari 400
    Anyway kalo hidup udah mencapai tahap stagnan memang berarti udah waktunya untuk move on dan mencoba hal baru

    Kita hidup cuma sekali, jadi jangan sia2kan kesempatan lu, hehehe ;p

  4. Kunjungan siang , follow balik yaa