Saturday, February 18, 2012

Open My Timeline And

Shalom.. Morning!
I am joined facebook on March 2009 , when I open all my timeline I found something, and I want share to you ,..
these my old status and some stuff that i think its a memory that wont forget,…! 

When i read my status, i just feel ho.. how fool am i! why i tell them that i'm sad! ;p

yaaiii..... wish new year! this is best wishes i make ever!! :)

eii...i also share my happy story! share la kan... yipiii! and that awkwars, my sister comment on my statusQ huuu
naa.. 50 friends send me birthday wishes .. highly appreciated, but on 2011, i dont got anymore, cuz i change my birthday date, i dont wont anyone wish me ...! 

I'm listed my work at facebook... and this one of my picture wore my called batik! Khas Indonesia. i'm the youngest here, right? :)

 and on 2012. i only share link.. no status! i share my blog link, cuz i need more visitor on my blog, to support me. i'm on faebook everyday, ya still being Ratu Online ;p

aiii, senyum senyum sendiri kalo baca tu status yang i have made! malu tau.. alay alay gitu... actually masih banyak si yang i want share, but i dont wont, you know why? cuz remind me *disaster* yang ever happened in my life, hoho..old story beyy, dont need to bringing up, tapi yang bagus bagus tu di abadikan! kan..kan... betul.. betulll.. ! hehee... 
oea, yesterday i installed my pc YM, now you can reach me there, just add me here my email ! add me and let make conversation everyday!! 
ok... am wait your invitation!
ok.. byee..
makasih udah baca..
God bless !!


  1. reading this post make me wanna read my old post in my old facebook.. LOL
    but i forget the password... TT

  2. @Punya.Tia hahaa.. how come you forget your password?