Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blogskin... oyaaa!

hii.. how are you?
yesterday i was chat  with my friend, and he said *i miss you  #bikin senyum bahagiaaaa

and yesterday I tried  to be HTML player, #aslinya copas player, no, it not HTML player, I just tried use blogskin, as you can see both my blog use Template Design, blog 1 & blog 2
and it boring to see them use it, so I changed my other blog turn to use blogskin, and see… the result make smile.. its mean I like that, just yesterday I have no time to utak atik the skin, so I just simply download from blogskin,
my comment about blog skin.. is very cute *kawai  it suit for  girl, yaa..all girl like the cute stuff.. except brutal gurl!huhu

here is my blog, before and after… show off dikit, bisa dong!!

Simple aja kan!
Naa, kalo kesentuh ma cursor, keluar deh lope lope nyaa! ;p

after use blog skin... it look more attractive... imu imut gituu...
Siapa sii gk jatuh cinta ma blgskin kuuu #gederasa tingkat mahadewi!
terus ituu kayaknya aku mau belajar buat *edit blogskin! 
ok.. itu aja si untuk hari ini.. daa..daaa!
Thank for reading! 
God bless!

Blogskin ku, aduhh lupa aku ownernyaa, jadi gk bisa ngasih kredit! tapi makasi yaa blgskinnya!!

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