Sunday, August 21, 2016

17 Agustus 2016

   When the ceremony was over, i see a small group taking photo, im not hesitate to join    them, Hee..ehhh... but see how this small group become the biggest group wefie.... (second photo bellow)

Here i am again. Kerja shift malam. i should take rest but im choice to reading and blogging. (00:26 A.M / 22 August 2016)
So, 17 Agustus just past, uyeee!! Jayalah Indonesiaku, semalam saya baca artikel tentang Bapak Presiden Soekarna, ohh myy!! Im shock cuz i just found out that he has much wifies. Hahahaa 

And one more thing  that i can believe is, my partner in crime i mean my partner working in shift night, Sihombing know the story, he even tell me. Auuu!!! Oia he love to reading politic news.. if i look at his monitor if the news he reading not Ahok it would be Jokowi.. hahaha. 

    Pak Tahan is the Big Boss here, so before the photo taking, he told us  said  Yessss but see, his hand said yess but he look at another direction, haha..
Me, the man on yellow helmet, and two men in right are not from Dept.Mining, we just join the operator  and standing with them, take wefie..  i can't imagine how embarrassing it when they said selain Mining keluar LOL :D  this it he biggest group wefie.

                              Every success women is herself. success? no, im not success yet, but im thankful to God for everything He done to me.  by working here, im could help my family, especially from economy side.... 
From Left Rosita. Vivi. Me. Nurnaningsih and Our Beautiful Lady Boss Mbak Intan.
  taking  wefie with my friends. too bad my quality camera is not good enough... ohh moneyyyyy come to me, i want buy new phonee!! can  i have new phone without spent my hard earn cash? IMPOSIBBLEEEE!! San, you are not Royal Family, hahahah, yes i know.
                                           image love see all the smile behind me image

This year not as fun as previous year, where there are so much games, i dont join any games. uhkk... uhkkk...

i hope next year if im still working here, the panitia hold the blogging competition, i will be in first in line to register... 

Jayalah Indonesiaku.
 If you want to see the difference  between 2015 and 2016, click this link.

Due to  safety issue i cant show you the complete name of company im working in. 

Thank you for reading.



  1. wow, badanmu boleh kecil langsing tapi lingkungan kerjaannya berat yakkk ... *kagum*

  2. It seems fun, a girl working in mining industry :D

  3. Wow keren, aku suka kalau melihat cewek teknik hihi

  4. What a fun day yaa
    And wefie is a must