Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ehhhh apa ni? haha #edit dah

Shalom. good day!

hii… semangat!! semangat!! *lagi down si, jadinya ngeyell  gini J efek mau di PHK!

u know what is PHK? pembrhentian hari kerja…

im going to be Jobless.. nana..lalala.. Susan jobless! what a shame! yea.. I hate when I have no work, its boring, wake up every morning and do nothing! and when im jobless my weight will be increase, oh no! that’s disaster

ok..  maybe u all wonder,  what is my job, where im work? how long I have been worker!no worry, u will know after read all my entry today!

than, here we goo......

 i got message on my facebook, this message from My friend *just cyber world's friend si.  i dont know apa yang make him want to know  :)
see u can see on my profil, I was put my information on my profil info, but maybe its not clear enough for some people to  understand... maybe sii :)

naa,  im work as Admin Purchase at Pt.Misaja Mitra Tarakan,ini perusahaan Udang, so everyday im eat udang..hehee! no la, kadang2 aja dapat... im work here almost 125423 taun! hehee.. alias 1.2 taun, belum lama kan, still baru! 
and here some poto of me, yang sempat si dnap2.. 
pt.misaja mitra, pt.misaja mitra tutup, pt.misaja mitra bangkrut

its me, and my ex officemate, now she is kuliah…. her is Theresia 

im with my offivemate too, just he work at Maintenance department!  he is Bang Indra *we used call him like that!
pt.misaja mitra, misaja juata

from right, Mba Sal, Mba Yuli, Mas Rudi & me :)
the girl who wore pink shirt is Lydia....:)
i have a bunch of story to telling but time not on my side :P but i will update soon about my work, maybe this is the last month *not maybe but udah confirm im work here, so slama 1.2 taun tu musti banyak hal2 yang terjadi kann!! 
if you want to know,  keep check my blog :P
ok... byee..byeeee!

Picture Credit To :Google