Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Monthsary, Oppa


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i dont know when i began prayed that i want to having boyfriend who have same faith with me, Son Of God (Christian) i dont know how long i prayed for that, what i know its not took short time , and either i didnt wait too long for to God answer me. im strong believe with thess words "everything will be fallen in right time"...imageimageimage

valentine day? hah, i never celebrate that, for me is only for few people..
but this year, me got wishes from Anjas, not only a sweet message from him, but also a ring.
taraaaaaaaaaa image 
 he didn't told me that he gonna give me the ring, but he has give me hint, just it didnt cross in my mind, that ring, what was on my mind is chocolate, hehe
cuz if he return from leave he will bringing me a box of Silverqueen image, and what happend that night? im smiling to ear, can't even slept, hahahah image
           image new additional must-remember-date  in my life, 14 Feb 2016.....image
               Photo Natal, Tahun 2014 dan tahun 2015, Puji Tuhan masih bisa melayani  Tuhan bersam, on 2013, we also have photo under Christmas tree, one day i will share about that.. hehe

Its has been 17 months im with you, Anjas.
Thank you very much for everything you done and give to me oppa,
I Love you,

God bless us more image

Thank you for reading,

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