Sunday, November 20, 2011

Header Blog

Shalom! Happy Monday!!
today im change my header, yeaa *Again!  padahal yesterday I said that this is the last header, uh.. ternyata im wrong! ini smua karena ketidak hati hatian dalam mengetik kata, see my current header, there is mistake, Coming being Coimng,! try find the meaning on dictionary confirm no answer!! maybe this bahasa planet ;P made by Susan Lolo Bua.
Than im reedit my header, Im correct the wrong, and now im will teach how to change header on blog, bagaimana menganti header di blog, If you want to know how  to make header kiss here! *easy way to create cute header! and if you want freebie header kisshere! *header gratis tis
here the way!

1.       >> Edit Blog >> Rancangan >> Elemen Laman>>
2.    Choose Header! *look at picture below if you don’t know!

header is done!!
its so easy, right? ;p


  1. nice header blog my dear friend, full aroma christmas..jadi ingat planning to joint event Lovely December in Toraja :)