Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I see my dream pass..#slowly

 Yeremia 29 image 29:11 Sebab Aku ini mengetahui rancangan-rancangan apa yang ada pada-Ku mengenai kamu, demikianlah firman TUHAN, yaitu rancangan damai sejahtera dan bukan rancangan kecelakaan, untuk memberikan kepadamu hari depan yang penuh harapan. image

Pdt. Hesron from Nunukan on Sunday was serve on our Worship, Jemaat Oikumene Seruyung and he was preaching about Transformation, what would you be in 10 years? If you really want have transformation, you must change your mindset first. And start leave all the bad thing, he giving us example, if you said you want a house in next 10 years, from know you must find out in what side you wasting your money, cigarette?  Seriously, cigarette only giving a smoker disease and wasting their money, but yet i dont understand why do they kept smooking,  but my daddy is not a smoker, and im proud of  him. 

Alohaaa! im a dreamer.... i know, im not alone, kann.. kannn
this world are full with dreamer  
Dreaming. I love it. And im not embarrassed to admit it, cuz im trust that all my dream wiill be pass, i trust my dream in God’s hand, and now i see some of my long term  dream is coming true true, Puji Tuhan.

On my previous leave, im  bought a cute gold bracelet, with my hard earn cash, hhee..  i hope my next leave i could buy a gold chain,but  now im wearing a white gold chain that Anjas bought for me, when he having training in Site Bakan few months ago. Thank you God for all the blessing you given in my life, and thank you Sago for hiring me, you help me paid my bills, full my need, and now im afford to giving a better life for my parents. You change my life so much.... semua adalah berkat dari Tuhan. 
My firsrt ring i bought on 2015, when Sago giving us bonus, the second ring is from Anjas, and the bracelet is i bought with bonus from Sago, same with first ring, with hard earn cash.. hukkk...hukkk... image

Selfie everywhere, port also can be place to take selfie..  ngeekkkk

 im waiting 4hours in port, cuz the speedboat are refuelling, im become ikan keringgg laa


Now, im on site, back to work! Demi tedong bonga my adik said. Hahahaaaa..

 Kak Nur bertambah usia hari ini, dan saya buatin kartu ucapan, pake Photoscape, semua freebie from blog, the doodle and the divider.
 Happy Millad Kak Nur, kita doakan yang terbaik untuk Kak Nur...
di tengah Kak Nur, belakang Pujita.. depan saya.. hehehe
Thank you for reading.
Much love. Be humble. 

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