Saturday, May 28, 2016

7 Nights Being Kelelawar

Seruyung aman!!! 

Puji Tuhan, im done my shift night, working for 7 nights, definitely it not an easy job,
and today im off, tomorrow im working on day shift, ciyeee yang kerjanya shift shift'an.. mehhhhh   

Let say, im go home (actually balik mess ) and there is Chocolate  serve in my room, 
beeeeee!! it would help me forget the pain of fight with  fatigue LOL!!
                                         Jesus..... im want thissss!! hukk..hukkkkk

Why dreaming is always better than reality? hehee...

im off today!

Terima kasih Tuhan Yesus, kebaikanMu dalam hidup ku, tiada berkesudahan.

Im so happy,  today i can attending both service on Oikumne Seruyung, Oh My Gaatttt!!
i haven't arrange the song lyric on Easy Worship.

 Happy sunday


  1. Hallo mbak susan. Makasih kunjungannya ke blog saya ya.
    Blognya cakep, unyu2 :)