Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Be The Gold....

image Nemu ayat ini, disaat hidup lagi sakit sakitnya menjalani ujian hidup,apa yang saya pelajari, bahwa ketika Tuhan menguji pastikan diri kita tetap setia percaya padaNya, liat pada emas, bagaimana ia diproses lalu hasil akhirnya sangat indah, mahal bahkan hampir semua orang ingin memilikinya. image


My friend updating his status, he said ‘jangan membiarkan kebencianmu membuat mu berlaku tidak adil” and im come im change his status, “tidak ada keadilan di dunia, semua hanyalah dongeng semata. Life must go on bebe” geee... kami ada  bibit Mario Teguh, LOL  image

Entah what was cross on his mind and he said so.. hihiiii.

So, here im would like to share my experience working on night shift, been working almost 6 years and on April 2016 i just create new history in my life, that working on night shift.

When my boss told me that my schedule work will have change my feeling mixed up, entah berantah, im excited cuz im gonna earn new experience, orang tua tua said, galilah pengalaman selama masih bisa, but in other side im scaring, im scaring how about if im not strong enough working on middle night, im fatigue, who do i carry on my job, how about if im sick, and many more bad question in my mind, hukk.. hukkk .. San, since when u become worrywart??? image

A good preparation will give you bigger change to be the winner! Alahhh.. im not go to war, but since this my very first schedule shift night, of course i did so much preparation.

Taaa..raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa imageimageimage

I have three minyakk nyonng nyonggg,  no.  What u see on my table  are fresh care, balsem, a bar of chocolate, energen. I applied the minyak angin every hour,  just like an orang tua LOL image

Fresh care and balsem from Anjas he given before im start being Kelelawar his message is, if you does’nt strong enough  yang to work, take a break.. short message melted my heart.LEBAHH
In the middle night im drink soup to kept my body warm, and wearing Anjas’s jacket all the night, but still masuk angin, and im not doubt that i am an orang tuaimage

Frankly speak, im doubt with my self if i could carry my job, because first time kan, not easy la, but Puji Tuhan, i have been through it,  and remember this song :

image BersamaMu Bapa ku lewati semua
perkenaaanMu yang teguhkan hatiku image 

oh well, in lately life become so raugh LOLimage
but life must go on, phewww!!


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