Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Syukur PadaMu ya Tuhan...

Anneong Haseyo!!
Diberkati untuk memberkati,.
My prayer that im never change since im student, “God bless me, I want  my family and relatives see me success reach my dream and share my happiness and blessing to them. Amen!
My dream of course be success! Hahaha.. im not success yet, but Puji Tuhan im now working and able to help my parent, kalo ada lebih also sent money to my Grandmama in Toraja pake alli deppa sola bale bolu… ^^
Just few weeks to go and im turning to 25th, WTF! Am so tua.. haha,
When im flashback my life im so thankfull for what God done in my life.
Im grateful for all the good and bad thing that happened, I know all the thing came to my life with God permission, and if God allow it there is reason behind that, what I know, God never let me alone, never!
Im blessed!
Thank you My Lord.
Im young and I had to learn so much thing, im grateful God put some great people around me, bukankah itu suatu anugerah? But God also put some toxic people. Hahaa… ngekk! Surrounded by toxic people something yang I hate, the toxic people I mean that those who don’t know how to treat people nice.. kita gk juga minta diperlakukan istimewa just be nice, I think its not the hard thing to do, is simple la.. tapi the fact, entah la.. bla.. blaa.. blaaaa… #forget it!

And 2 months ago, my adik officially join with me, working in Sago.. Praise The Lord, terima kasih Tuhan, semua karena kasih dan anugerahMu.
Itu aja update dari saya. Hehee..
On 29 Sept 2015, was my special day! thank you God, it has been a year!
Love you my oppa *winkk winkk.. he.heee

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