Thursday, July 9, 2015

You listen and You Understanding..

                                                        Helooooo ^^ 

Thank you God for all the blessing for me,
I haven’t talking with you for ages on my blog, I miss you My God.
Im now really need someone to talking with, but I have no friend to talking with..
I have but… they are not understanding me, and do I have right to force them to understanding me? No, I don’t have.. ehhh

But with you My Lord, without im tell you what my struggle is, I bet you know. And You are on behind the scene to prepared something for my goodness and for my future.
Lately, im oftenly heard people around me, adalah 2 3 orang saying that im change, ehh I don’t know what their means, im just smile and told them **yaa human is change, of course in this world nothing last forever, is it true?  And ya, im not deny that im change ya, there are reason for that, everything happened have a  reason, it’s a lie when im said *gpp.. hehe
tapi ada juga yang perubahan memang karena udah waktunya berubah, tidak ada alasan.. hehe

Should a human being give you the reason why they change?

Sometime people change because no they have been hurting, disappointed, they just don’t want to tell you why they change its because dia jaga perasaan anda.. hidup kita ni terlalu banyak hal yang perlu kita jaga, perasaan orang lain, and something cuz this thing kita sendiri gk jaga perasaan kita.. hehe
Yaa that’s life, hidup saja sebaik baiknya.
Saya berubah untuk kebaikan saya. Dan masih banyak hal yang perlu saya pelajari..
Satu hal yang sangat penting bagi saya sekarang adalah jadi superwoman.. ahahaa
No.. noo.. the most important for me to do now are tetap setia menjadi pekerja di lading Tuhan,   chase my dream, earn better life to my parent, jadi berkat bagi orang lain, terutama my family..

Focus.  Masa depan menanti untuk diraih.

Oiaa.. today I got long speech from my boss..
Thank you My boss for always remind me, to jaga semua semuanya, as im the only girl dalam Departemen Eng, saya sangat bersyukur my boss my friend selalu mengingatkan, maklumi kita manusia ni, sometime kalo gk kena remind, kena advise kadang lupa dan jadilah yang tidak baik.. 

Thank you Pak Boss.. Thank you My Team.. walaupun kita tadi kena warning jangan main game gegara playboy kena caught playing COC dalam ruangan, kita kena warning! Hihiiii
I want to laughing when I see My boss standing behind back Pak Dens, whithout he realize maybe ada 3 minutes my  big boss watching he playing COC, suddenly ada voice “ You stop playing it or I warning you” barulah satu ruangan tersadar Pak Boss kita ada hihiii..  that’s a truly awkward moment.. well, tomorrow and selanjutnya hp harus di simpan di radius aman. No game, no bbm, no facebook, no tango!

when i see Pak Dens, me laughing and he also laughing, my boss lagi lebih kencang laughingnya, cuz thats just a awkward moment, LOL!  

Today we have much laughing. 

 #share some photo yaaa ^^
                                        why my gigi like cangkul? so big +_+

                  Si Kuyus and si Endutt... perfect la tu kan.. hihiiii

                                           once more ya Wefie nyaa.. heeheee...

# and i miss this man so much  -__-

                                                            ohhh... (:

This is just beautiful day!.
Thank you My God…
I love you..
Thanks for reading.
Much love

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