Monday, April 29, 2013

Thank U. Thank U. Thank U

                                                       Kate & William, Happy Anniversary! 
as you know, I have been working at Pt. Misaja Mitra since 2010, but on 2012 Misaja was taken over by Mustika, and I’m blessed enough because the company still hiring me, we have new management, and of course new boss. there are many bosses I have now, there are Mr.M. Mr.Y and Tuan tuan yang lain.
what I can say, all of them are nice. baik, they nice cuz still hiring me to working here, thank you God, thank you bos dan thank you life to be good with me.

been working for 2 years is a long journey, and there a lot of experience I gain,  new knowledge I get, and story to write in my blog, just not brave la talking  too much about my job, kang bos aku baca mampus la. and I only write about my job when it’s a good story to share, ^^

I won’t sharing a bad story, cuz I don’t like reading a sad story, make me feel unhappy. I want be happy everytime and everywhere ^^

and the good news is I can leave my job for 12 days, no salary cutting, hee
but I have no idea what place should I visit,   when I will go, and I also have no money.. haha..  
if only there is company want to sponsor my travelling, I will be grateful!
 Dear God sent me one, please!

this is the last day being in April, and tomorrow we gonna welcoming May, ok la let’s warning May, to be good with us, be nice ya please please.

so, I also want to thank to all of you those help me vote my post  here, I won, and the prizes is a Shirt from Zalora and also voucher worth 200rb, I bought a Jeans, And High Heels for my mommy, make my mama happy is my duty, so kalo ada menang I always try to give my mama prize as well!

Love your mama guys, they are our savior in this world, never hurt your mama, it’s sin!
just and love
the more love you give to your mama the more blessing return, trust me!

thank you for reading!
God bless us abundantly!


  1. nice sekali membelikan mama sesuatu :)

  2. tiada tandingan dengan mana2 harta dibandingkan dengan kasih sayang dan berkat dari seorang ibu..

    iluvmymom !!:)