Thursday, January 10, 2013! Super Giveaway

how insane you about beautifying yourself? how much money you spend just to make you look cantek lah.  #pembukaan

Pygmalion? hosting giveaway lho.. Eh Pygmalion?  gk kenal >,<

who is Pygmalion?

   Pigmalion is beauty  blogger from beauty country Indonesia. She is Chinese. She is trusted blogger, that’s why many online shop from over the world sending her their product to review on her blog! awesome, right?

Why  she hosting giveaway? what should I do to enter? am I qualified?

    She hosting giveaway as thank you for her blog reader and supporter. if you not her blog reader maka jadi la blog readernya mulai detik ini, pencet sini. ada beberapa syarat yang harus u ikuti, and of course la you are qualified, cewek cowok bisa, bapak ibu bisa, om tante bisa, anak TK bisa, eh anak TK udah bisa ngeblog? Wow dasyat nya Indonesia :p :P

The prizes is so expensive and there will be 6 winners? are you serious? @_@ is too expensive oh.

     calm down babe, jangan kaget mata belo. yes, hadiahnya mahal, dan semuanya tu dibeli dengan uang nya sendiri, No Sponsor. I know that, since I read her blogpost :p 
Expensive or cheap it’s not our problem, our problem is when we enter and not win. kecil hati. so, before you enter lapangkan dada tu ehh. :)
we only  need  do our job, full the syarat and wait patiently coz this giveaway running until March 2013.

I would like to enter, but I’m American, Singaporean, Philippines, Malaysian, Britain, is it possible?

    naa, very sorry it’s  open for Indonesian only. but if you want to enter you are welcoming, and when you are the winner just pass the prizes to me :P :P

Could you help me, i want contact her directly via Twitter & Facebook, what her user id?
 Twitter    : Meilani Chow
 Facebook : Pygmalion Land

Ok, Thank you Susan, wish u good luck ya!
Susan : mostly welcome. pray for me ya,  i want to be winner,.
LOL! i'm laughing reading my entry, mengalahkan wartawan.
try to be creative, to curi hati Miss Pygmalion. Hee... yu know maksud hati i kan? ^_^

 Wohoooo.. come to mommy sayang :) :)

Dear heavenly father I’m asking please blessed me and let me win those giveaway I had enter. touch the heart of the owner to choose me, and bless them more. Halleujah, Amen!

Thank you for reading. 
God bless.


  1. iya betul banget, expensive giveaway. The winner will be very lucky :D

  2. @Mila Said ya, very lucky la kalo bisa menang :) mba join juga yaa