Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I asking i answer

hellooo….  im coming again… kayanya judul posting ku yang  cocoknya dikasih *gk nyambung  lol :D
yee, I asking I answer… aku yang nanya aku yang jawab. ok, ni pertanyaan pertanyaan yang sering aku dapat bahkan ada yng belum pernah aku dapat, tapi aku list. jadi lets kita read read


I have answer for this question....*there is some question that I cant anwer.
Free BlinkiesSusan Or San         : San.

Free BlinkiesTexting  or Phone  : Texting
Free BlinkiesHang Out Or Stay At Home    : Stay at home,.
Free BlinkiesChating or update Status         : Chatting
Free BlinkiesIndonesian or English             :  Both.
Free BlinkiesMalaysia Or Indonesian          : Malindo J
Free BlinkiesPink Or White                         : Pink
Free BlinkiesDating Or Be BEstFriend       : Best Friend.
Free BlinkiesBlogger Or Multiply              : I have account on both, but blogger the most J
Free BlinkiesvDo you ever meet *strange* people on facebook?  : yes!
Free BlinkiesMineral Water Or Juice        : Mineral water, because everyday I drink it.
Free BlinkiesLong Hair Or Short             : Long, Like my hair before I cut, I mean when im on Vocational High School.
Free BlinkiesSimpati Or As  : AS, just let  you know, I never change my number since I bought  it on 2006.
Free BlinkiesSkirt Or Jeans                 : Skirt,  I just wear jeans when I had to…
Free BlinkiesDo you ever blocked people on your facebook?  : Yses, i do. for the reason, i wont tell u *secret

Free BlinkiesWho The most people you want to see right now : Aaron Aziz as  Seth Tan In drama Nora Elena.

Free BlinkiesWho  Inspired you : Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. Hilarry Clinton. Kate Middleton. Megawati Soekarno Puteri ( My Ex President )

Free BlinkiesThe first word you say if you chat with someone is : depends with who am make conversation, if with older I give greeting basic the time, if with my friend just say *hi…

Free BlinkiesFriendster Or My Space : The first social network I just is Friendster, yes. I have account on Myspace, but im rare update it, and im not at Friendster too.

Free BlinkiesWho is the prettiest woman you ever see on their wedding day : The Duchess Of Cambridge Catherine Middleton. 

Free BlinkiesWho the most important people you hate : hehee.. I never hate someone, I just don’t like the way they are. I hate Terrorist at Indonesia who try to destroy my lovely country Indonesia. And Corruptor, I hope there is a day where all the corrupter sleep and running their all day in prison, and no special service at all. 

Free BlinkiesTwitter Or Facebook :  Gossh!!  You killed my slowly if u want I to choice one of them, I mean I can live without  tweeting and facebooking. On twitter I can say hello to my favorite actress, and on facebook I can meet my family, my friend who I never see for 10 years J

Confused Emoticons Then, ni season ,I cant answer these below question  Free Smileys

im kinda use got this question when im chatting on facebook.
 Japanese Emoticons San, can i got your phone number? * dapat pertanyaan gini, harus pinter pinter kasih jawaban, that i wont give anyone my numb. tapi adalah beberapa yang ku kasih, mungkin udah 5 orang,.

Japanese Emoticons Sa, where do you live? * this person stupid or what si? udah ada jelas jelas di Info ku, masih ada nanya...

Japanese Emoticons lagi Online, trus diajak chating dan di tanya, San lagi ngapaen? pretttttttt..... cuekin aja, malas aku jawabnya.

Japanese Emoticons  San, when you married? * go ask Him

Japanese Emoticons San, already lunch? aww sa switt. how caring you are. 

so what, u still have question for me? :) i think anough laa, but lau masih ada u can ask me on facebook.
ok.. postingan untuk hari ini berakhir, dan kita akan bertemu kembali. see u...
Be blessing

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