Thursday, May 24, 2012

Millions Thank

 Spamming you with my current photo..pisssss !
hello everyone.. !i have ever give you my words, if I receive my prize from Closet Voyage & FIrmoo, Stlish By Nature, & Hot And Fun Stuff  lets say dari Luar Negeri, I will make blog post about them, and now ya I will.. Puji Tuhan, now all my prizes is my hand…
its take a month for them to arrived on my city, such a long time,
itupun aku yang nyuruh my sister to go to office Post, to check whether my prize already here *Tarakan or still on the way..
waa.. satu karungg!! :) yepp..ini  dari Australia, USA, China.

first day she go, the Staff told her, *Yes, Susan paket udah ada, tapi ini belum lunas bea cukainya, jadi ntar saya kabari ya, tulis no hp kamu sini! arrgg, why don’t he tell my sister how much I have to pay, ini asked us to wait.. I hate waiting ok!! so, I force my sister, she such a lazy girl, so I need to pom..pommm her to go again,  and yes she want…  my sister is lazy but she smart enough to handle something, she go and meet the Petugas pos, trus disuruh bayar bea cukainya, Rp.7000 murahh, ya cheap but total paket aku ada 7, na kali tu 7000 x 7=49.000, hilang gaji sehari! soob..sobb.
hehee… kidding la, but honestly memang  berat hati mengeluarkan uang segitu..huhu.. :(
but okla, udah dapat hadiah mesti la hati happy, yaa am happy, happily jumping2 dikamar :D :D sampe patang tulang2..hahaha #joke
 ok, these all my prize, sorry, I just use handphone, so quality low… I need camera pocket, who wanna sponsor me?? #contact me soon! I really mean it!
check it outtttt!!

 From Closet Voyage.

 that's all my prizes guys, i feel so happy and blessed. thank you very much to all awesome blogger. many blessing return to you. 
thank you for reading also, and God bless .


  1. iyaa..thank you for nice comment :)

  2. Hello dear,
    maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with GFC or via bloglovin? or even both?

    have a nice day!

  3. waduh, bahasanya sulit banget..

    salamkenal ya..
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya.