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Susan Lolo Bua, you can call me San. Was born in Malaysia, 26 yo ago. Currently working as Gold Miner. Finished my study only at SMKN 2 Tarakan.
Single, with God willing i will married when im 27 yo. now im date with Oppa Anjas.
Im crazy over Drama Korea, when im date with him, i call him #Oppa. I hope he will be as romantic as Oppa oppa Korea, so sweet, but oh well, opposite! Hahaa
And i cannot force him, just sometime i become  a baby girl who merengek and complaint Oppa not so sweet la.. not romantic la, i know it’s not good and i was wrong to put high expectation and i got nothing. Disappointed?  On early stage yes i am, but now i can accepted it.  He have his own way to be romantic and so sweet.
i have 1 elder sister and 1 younger sister. Me and my adik working in the same place. PT. Sago Prima Pratama, one of Jresources’s company, We are at small role in this company, but give big impact in our life, especially at financial side, for this im thank you for the company for hiring us. And big thank to Jesus to allow us working here. My elder sister is a nurse, she is married and having handsome baby boy.
My Bapak and Mak, they are now at 55 & 50 yo, giving they better life on their gold age is our dream.

Sometime i talk too much and sometime im become silent girl. I love chocolate. Ice cream. Flower. Cute stuff. And red is my color, 7 is my number.
Working hard girl,  and  good girl, but it doesnt mean all people around me  will like me. Saya pun.. not like all people i know. hahaha
But it’s doesnt make me hate them. I just can’t tolerate with the drama queen and drama king. So, now i have less friend. My closest and trusted person is Oppa and My adik. 

God has sent me  in the point where most  people i know  become monster, hurting me, disappointing me, pulling me down,  and the only person standing behind me is my self. God allow it happened to just to remind me, the only one i can trust is He, Jesus Christ.

And now, i believe nothing lasting forever in life. People come and go, but they  not just come, they bring blessing and lesson. Apapun yang terjadi Tuhan tahu.
My life is wonderful. Having ups and down, but still im here, breathing and kicking.
God be with me all the time, im strong believe about it. He love me.
You can find me on media social with my full name #Susan Lolo Bua. All media social use my name. My twitter Qsusan  no longer active. Im forget my yahoo passwords. 
My email
One more thing, im dreaming to be entrepreneur. Im not only dream for it, im start doing it since May 2016. 

Im a good girl. do you believe it? ^^

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